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You are able to convert the length that has been measured in inches to yards by making use of the “Inches to Yards Conversion Calculator“, which is a free online tool that displays the results. The online inches to yards converter offered by Conversion Galaxy reduces the amount of time spent waiting for results by giving them in seconds rather than minutes. 

What is Inches to Yard?

Inches (in) – The inch (in) is the standard unit of measurement in both the imperial and the US customary systems of measurement. The abbreviation “in” is used to refer to this measurement, which is exactly 2.54 centimetres in length.

Yard (yd) – The yard (abbreviated as yd) is a unit of length that is used in both the imperial system of measurement and the US customary system of measurement. Its abbreviation comes from the English word “yard”. When it comes to length, one yard is equal to 0.9144 metres.

How Do I Use the Inches to Yards Calculator?

If you want the Inches to Yards calculator to provide you correct results, you need to make sure that you follow all of these guidelines.

  • The information that the initial input form must utilise inches as the measurement unit has been brought to our notice (in).
  • After the conversion has been completed, the “output” box will have a display of the results of your Inches to Yards conversion. The results will be in Yards (in to yd).

Inches to Yards Conversion Formula

Applying the following method results in an accurate conversion from inches to yards:

1 in = 0.0277777778 yd

The conversion from inches to yards is accomplished by multiplying the quantity that is provided to you in inches by the conversion factor, which in this instance is 0.0277777778 yards.

Inches to Yards (in to yd) Chart

Inches (in)

Yard (yd)

0.1 in

0.0027777778 yd

1 in

0.0277777778 yd

5 in

0.1388888889 yd

10 in

0.2777777778 yd

50 in

1.3888888889 yd

100 in

2.7777777778 yd

500 in

13.888888889 yd

Inches to Yards Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 12 Inches to Yards.


To convert 12 inches to yards, just multiply that number by the conversion factor of 0.0277777778 yards. This will give you the yards equivalent of 12 inches.

Therefore, 12 in = 12 × 0.0277777778 yd

12 in = 0.3333333333 yd

Hence, 12 inches equals 0.3333333333 yards

Question 2: 

Convert 88 Inches to Yards.


The answer you’re looking for may be found by multiplying 88 inches by 0.0277777778 yards.

Therefore, 88 in = 88 × 0.0277777778 yd

88 inches = 2.44 yd

Hence, 88 inches equals 2.44 yards.

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