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A helpful and cost-free online tool for converting between kelvin and celsius is the “Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Calculator“. The results have been compiled and are available here for your evaluation. The Kelvin to Celsius Converter on Conversion Galaxy’s website is a time-saving online tool that generates results in seconds as opposed to minutes.

What are Kelvin and Celsius?

Kelvin (K) – According to the International System of Units, the kelvin (symbol: K) serves as the fundamental unit of thermodynamic temperature (SI). According to Boltzmann’s equation, it is the energy equivalent of water’s triple point. It is also the Kelvin scale unit whose null point (0 K) is absolute zero (-273.15°C), the temperature at which all thermal motion stops.

Celsius (°C) – A temperature unit developed from the SI (International System of Units) is the Celsius (symbol: °C). The kelvin, a SI unit of temperature, serves as the basis for its definition. A change of one degree in the Celsius scale corresponds to a change of one degree on the Kelvin scale perfectly.

How Do I Use the Kelvin to Celsius Calculator?

If you follow these instructions, the Kelvin to Celsius converter will provide you with the most accurate results.

  • It has been suggested that the entry form’s unit of measurement should be the kelvin (K).
  • The results of your Kelvin to Celsius conversion may be seen in the “output” box. Results of calculations are displayed on a celsius scale (Kelvin to Celsius).

Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Formula

The exact formula to convert Kelvin to Celsius is as follows:

C = K – 273.15

Kelvin to Celsius (K to °C) Chart

Kelvin (K)

Celsius (°C)

0.1 K


1 K


5 K


10 K


50 K


100 K


500 K


Kelvin to Celsius Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 100 kelvin to Celsius


We know that the formula to convert kelvin to Celsius is: C = K – 273.15

Given that, K = 100

Now, substitute the value in the formula to get the celsius value.

Celsius, C = 100 – 273.15

C = -173.15

Therefore, 100 kelvin is equal to -173.15°C.

Question 2: 

Convert 300 kelvin to Celsius


We know that, C = K – 273.15

Given that, K = 300

Substituting the given value in the formula, we get

C = 300 – 273.15

C = 26.85

Hence, 300 kelvin is equal to 26.85°C.

Question 3:

Convert 273 kelvin to celsius


Given kelvin value, K = 273

As we know, the formula to convert kelvin to celsius is C = K – 273.15.

Therefore, C = 273 – 273.15

C = – 0.15

Therefore, 273 kelvin is equal to – 0.15°C

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