Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Calculator

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Calculator” is a useful and free online tool for changing between Kelvin and Fahrenheit. The results have been put together and are here for you to look over. The Kelvin to Fahrenheit Converter on the Conversion Galaxy website saves time because it gives results in seconds instead of minutes.

What are Kelvin and Fahrenheit?

Kelvin (K) – The International System of Units (SI) kelvin is the fundamental unit of thermodynamic temperature. It is comparable to the triple point of water’s energy according to Boltzmann’s equation. Additionally, the Kelvin scale’s zero point (0 K) is absolute zero (-273.15 °C), when thermal motion stops.

Fahrenheit (°F) – The Fahrenheit (°F) was a popular temperature unit before metrication. At sea level and standard atmospheric pressure, water freezes at 32°F and boils at 212°F. The freezing-to-boiling point interval is 180 equal parts.

How Do I Use the Kelvin to Fahrenheit Calculator?

Following these criteria will get the most accurate Kelvin to Fahrenheit converter results.

  • The input form should use Kelvin (K) as the measurement unit.
  • The Kelvin-to-Fahrenheit conversion results are in the “output” box. Result is displayed in Fahrenheit (kelvin to Fahrenheit).

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula

The following is the conversion formula to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit:

F = (9/5)K – 459.67

Kelvin to Fahrenheit (K to °F ) Chart

Kelvin (K)

Fahrenheit (°F)

0.1 K

-459.49 °F

1 K

-457.87 °F

5 K

-450.67 °F

10 K

-441.67 °F

50 K

-369.67 °F

100 K

-279.67 °F

500 K

440.33 °F

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Celsius Kelvin Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 2 Kelvin to Fahrenheit


The formula to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit is: F = (9/5)K – 459.67

Given that, Kelvin = 2 K

Now, substitute the value in the formula to get the Fahrenheit value.

Fahrenheit, F = (9/5)K – 459.67

F = (9/5)(2)) – 459. 67

F = (18/5) – 459.67

F = -456.07 

Hence, 2 kelvin is equal to -456.07 Fahrenheit. 

I.e., 2 K = -456.07 °F

Question 2: 

Convert 300 Kelvin to Fahrenheit.


We know that, F = (9/5)K – 459.67

Given that, Kelvin = 300

Substituting the given value in the formula, we get

F = (9/5)(300) – 459.67

F = (9/5)K – 459.67

F = (9)(60) – 459.67

F = 540 – 459.67

F = 80.33

Hence, 300 Kelvin is equal to 80.33 Fahrenheit.

I.e., 300 K = 80.33°F.

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