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The Centimeter to Feet Conversion Calculator is a free online tool that shows the conversion from centimeters to feet. The online cm to feet conversion tool offered by Conversion Galaxy expedites the calculation, presenting the converted result in seconds instead of minutes.

What is Centimeter to Feet?

Centimeter (cm) – The current version of the metric system is specified by the International System of Units (SI), and one of its length units is the centimeter (abbreviated as cm). In terms of its length, it is comparable to 1/100 of a meter.

Feet (ft) – The foot (abbreviated as ft) is a unit of length that is used in the imperial system of measurement as well as the US customary system of measurement. It was determined that 0.3048 meters was the precise equivalent of one foot.

How Do I Use the Centimeter to Feet Calculator?

This is the procedure that has to be followed in order to use the Centimeter to Feet calculator in the proper manner:

  • Enter the value in centimeters into the first input area. 
  • Finally, the result of conversion from centimeters to feet will be shown in the area designated for output (cm to feet).

Centimeter to Feet Conversion Formula

The following is the formula that must be used in order to successfully convert centimeters to feet:

1 cm = 0.032808399 ft

Therefore, in order to convert the given values from centimeters to feet, you will have to multiply it by the conversion factor that 1 centimeter equals 0.032808399 feet.

Centimeter to Feet (cm to feet) Chart

Centimeter (cm)

Feet (ft)

0.1 cm

0.0032808399 ft

1 cm

0.032808399 ft

5 cm

0.1640419948 ft

10 cm

0.3280839895 ft

50 cm

1.6404199475 ft

100 cm

3.280839895 ft

500 cm

16.404199475 ft

Centimeter to Feet Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 101 cm to inches.


Since it is common knowledge that 1 centimeter is equal to 0.032808399 feet, all that is required of us is to multiply 101 centimeters by 0.032808399 feet.

Therefore, 101 cm = 101 × 0.032808399 ft

101 cm = 3.313648294 ft

As a result, 101 centimeters equals 3.313648294 feet.

Question 2: 

Convert 76 cm to inches.


It is sufficient to simply multiply 76 centimeters by 0.032808399 feet, given that we are already aware that 0.032808399 feet is equivalent to 1 centimeter.

So, 76 cm = 76 × 0.032808399 ft.

76 cm = 2.4934383202 feet

Hence, 76 centimeters equals 2.4934383202 feet.

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