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The “Rankine to Kelvin Conversion Calculator” is a quick and useful online tool for changing between Rankine and Kelvin. The list of outcomes is shown below for review. On the Conversion Galaxy website, the Rankine to Kelvin Converter saves time because it gives replies in seconds instead of minutes.

What do Rankine and Kelvin Stand for?

Rankine (°R) – The Rankine (°R) scale is identical to the Fahrenheit (°F) scale, and both scales use the same measure unit of temperature. The temperature at which water freezes is 491.67 degree Rankine, while its boiling point is 671.67 degree Rankine.

Kelvin (K) – As part of the International System of Units (SI), the kelvin (K) is the fundamental unit of thermal temperature. The equation of Boltzmann compares it to the triple-point energy of water. 0 K corresponds to absolute zero, which is -273.15 °C, on the Kelvin scale. This point is where thermal motion ceases.

How Do I Use the Rankine to Kelvin Calculator?

If you follow these steps, the Rankine to Kelvin converter will provide the most accurate results.

  • The measure number on the data entry form should read Rankine (°R).
  • The conversion results to Kelvin are displayed in the “output” field. The response is displayed as a Rankine to Kelvin conversion.

Rankine to Kelvin Conversion Formula

The formula to convert Rankine to Kelvin is as follows:

1 °R = 0.5555 K

Rankine to Kelvin (°R to K) Chart

Rankine (°R)

Kelvin (K)

0.1 °R

0.0555 K

1 °R

0.5555 K

5 °R

2.7777 K

10 °R

5.5555 K

50 °R

27.7777 K

100 °R

55.5555 K

500 °R

277.7777 K

Rankine to Kelvin Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 30 Rankine to Kelvin


The formula to convert Rankine to Kelvin is: 1 °R = 0.5555 K

Given that, Rankine = 30 °R

Now, to get the Kelvin value, substitute the value in the formula.

30 °R = 30 (0.5555) K

30 °R= 16.6666 K

Hence, 30 Rankine = 16.6666 K 

I.e., 30 °R = 16.6666 K

Question 2: 

Convert 140 Rankine to Kelvin.


We know that, 1 °R = 0.5555 K

Given that, Rankine = 140 °R

Substituting the given value in the formula, we get

140 °R = 140 (0.5555) K

140 °R = 77.7777 K

Hence, 140 Rankine is equal to 77.7777 K

I.e., 140 °R = 77.7777 K

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