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Celsius to Kelvin (°C to K)

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Calculator” is a handy and cost-free online tool for converting between kelvin and celsius. For your review, the results have been collated and are available here. On the website of Conversion Galaxy, there is a Celsius to Kelvin Converter that saves time by producing results in seconds as opposed to minutes.

What are Celsius and Kelvin?

Celsius (°C) – The Celsius (°C) is a temperature unit that was created from the SI (International System of Units). Its definition is based on the kelvin, a SI measure of temperature. A change of one degree on the Kelvin scale is completely matched by a change of one degree in the Celsius scale.

Kelvin (K) – The basic unit of thermodynamic temperature is the kelvin (symbol: K), based on the International System of Units (SI). It corresponds to the energy equivalent of water’s triple point in Boltzmann’s equation. Additionally, it is the unit of the Kelvin scale whose zero point (0 K) is absolute zero (-273.15 °C), the point at which all thermal motion ceases.

How Do I Use the Celsius to Kelvin Calculator?

The Celsius to Kelvin converter will give you the most accurate results if you adhere to these guidelines.

  • It has been proposed that the Celsius (°C) should be used as the measuring unit on the input form.
  • The “output” box contains the results of your Celsius to Kelvin conversion. Calculation results are shown on a kelvin scale (Celsius to kelvin).

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Formula

The following is the precise conversion formula from Celsius to Kelvin:

K = C + 273.15

Celsius to Kelvin (°C to K) Chart

Celsius (°C)

Kelvin (K)

0.1 °C

273.25 K

1 °C

274.15 K

5 °C

278.15 K

10 °C

283.15 K

50 °C

323.15 K

100 °C

373.15 K

500 °C

773.15 K

Celsius Kelvin Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 25 degrees celsius to kelvin


As we know, the formula to convert Celsius to kelvin is: K = C + 273.15

Given that, Celsius = 25°C

Now, substitute the value in the formula to get the kelvin value.

Kelvin, K = 25 + 273.15

K = 298.15

Hence, 25 degrees celsius is equal to 298.15 kelvin.

i.e.,25°C = 298.15 K

Question 2: 

Convert 22 degrees celsius to kelvin.


We know that, K = C + 273.15

Given that, Celsius = 22°C

Substituting the given value in the formula, we get

K = 22 + 273.15

K = 295.15

Hence, 22 degree celsius equals 295.15 kelvin.

Question 3:

Convert 1024 celsius to kelvin


Given celsius value, °C = 1024 

As we know, the formula to convert celsius to kelvin is K = C + 273.15

Therefore, K = 1024 + 273.15

K = 1297.15

Therefore, 1024 celsius is equal to 1297.15 kelvin.

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