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A free online calculator named the “Millimeter to Inches Conversion Calculator” is used to convert millimeters to inches, and it then shows the results. The online Millimeter to Inches converter from Conversion Galaxy saves time by providing results in seconds as opposed to minutes.

What is Millimeter to Inches?

Millimeter (mm) – The millimeter, a unit of measurement and a part of the International System of Units, is represented by the letter “mm.” The International System of Units includes millimeters. When stated in terms of the measuring unit known as the meter, it is equal to 1/1000 of a meter.

Inches (in) – The imperial and US customary measuring systems both employ the inch (in) as a unit of measurement. One inch is exactly 2.54 cm, and the term “in” is used to denote this measurement.

How Do I Use the Millimeter to Inches Calculator?

If you want the results from your Millimeter to Inches calculator to be correct, make sure you follow these guidelines.

  • Remember that the first input form demands that the measurement be provided in millimeters (mm).
  • When the procedure is finished, the results of your millimeter to inch conversion will be shown in the “output” box (mm to in).

Millimeter to Inches Conversion Formula

The formula below can be used to convert millimeters to inches:

1 mm = 0.0393700787 in

By multiplying a millimeter number by the conversion factor, in this case 0.0393700787 in, you may convert it to an inch value.

Millimeter to Inches (mm to inches) Chart

Millimeter (mm)

Inches (in)

0.1 mm

0.0039370079 in

1 mm

0.0393700787 in

5 mm

0.1968503937 in

10 mm

0.3937007874 in

50 mm

1.968503937 in

100 mm

3.937007874 in

500 mm

19.68503937 in

Millimeter to Inches Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 9 millimeters to inches.


Since we know that 1 millimeter = 0.0393700787 in, we can convert 9 millimeters to inches by multiplying them by 0.0393700787 in.

Therefore, 9 mm = 9 × 0.0393700787 in

9 mm = 0.3543307087 in.

Hence, 9 mm equals 0.3543307087 inches.

Question 2: 

Convert 1.16 mm to inches.


We may calculate the answer by multiplying 1.16 millimeters by 0.0393700787 in, which is the equivalent of 1 millimeter.

Therefore, 1.16 mm = 1.16 × 0.0393700787 in

1.16 mm = 0.0456692913 inches

Hence, 0.5 m equals 0.0456692913 inches.

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