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The “Yards to Miles Conversion Calculator” is a helpful and free online tool for converting between yards and miles. The outcomes are displayed for your viewing pleasure. Conversion Galaxy’s Yards to Miles converter is a time-saving online tool that provides results in seconds rather than minutes.

What are Yards and Miles?

Yards (yd) – As a unit of length, the yard (yd) is used in both the imperial and US customary systems. yd is an abbreviation for “yard,” the English word from which the unit gets its name. The metric system defines one yard as 0.9144 meters.

Miles (mi) – Distances are typically given in miles (mi), as the mile is a universally accepted unit of measurement. The mile is used to measure distance in both the metric and imperial systems. Its length is currently calculated to be 1,609.344 m (5,280 ft) (or 1,760 yards).

How Do I Use the Yards to Miles Calculator?

If you follow these steps, the Yards to Miles converter will give you the most accurate results.

  • It has been mentioned that the input form should use yards as the unit of measurement (yd).
  • The results of your yards to miles conversion are displayed in the “output” box. Calculated values are presented as a mile (yd to miles).

Yards to Miles Conversion Formula

Here’s an exact formula for converting between yards and miles:

1 yd = 0.0005681818 mi

To obtain the distance in miles, multiply the given number by the conversion factor of 0.0005681818 miles.

Yards to Miles (yd to mi) Chart

Yards (yd)

Miles (mi)

0.1 yd

0.0000568182 mi

1 yd

0.0005681818 mi

5 yd

0.0028409091 mi

10 yd

0.0056818182 mi

50 yd

0.0284090909 mi

100 yd

0.0568181818 mi

500 yd

0.2840909091 mi

Yards to Miles Questions

Question 1: 

Convert 14 Yards to Miles.


When converted from yards to miles, 1 yard is equal to 0.0005681818 miles.

So, 14 yards is equal to 14 times 0.0005681818 miles.

Therefore, 14 yd = 14 × 0.0005681818 mi

14 yd = 0.0079545455 mi

Hence, 14 yards equals 0.0079545455 miles .

Question 2: 

Convert 95 Yards to Miles


Simply multiply 95 yards by 0.0005681818 miles to get the distance in miles.

Therefore, 95 yd = 95 × 0.0005681818 mi

95 yd = 0.0539772727 miles

Hence, 95 yards equals 0.0539772727 miles.

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